Saturday, July 25, 2015

Finding the Time

I found time this week even with my husband in the hospital to work on my wallhanging.  I have to admit though, I made the time Monday before he had his surgery on Tuesday.

I like to stitch each leaf and blossom individually because I like the 3D look it presents.  I think it helps to give the piece character as opposed to painting on canvas.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Just Wanna Quilt

This week I was side tracked with other projects that took away from my quilting time.  Next week, I will also get called away from my quilting.  However, I will find some time to do some sewing.

 I did find time to sandwich my quilt and do some quilting.
The bride and groom are almost finished.

Sewing the individual leaves and flowers will test my patience.  Hopefully, I will get a handle on that situation along with everything else I have to cope with this week.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Inktense Pencils were Yelling

My Inktense pencils were yelling, "Use Me !"  Usually, I use material to for the highlights and shading.  I decided to listen to my Inktense pencils and experiment. 

I used the Intense pencils on the trellis to provide the shadows and details.

On the jacket,  I used material for the shading and highlights.  It bothered me all week.  It just didn't sit right with me.  So I peeled them off and replaced them with shading using the Intense pencils.  I think I need to add more highlights to the top of the shadows.  I will have to use the white pencil because unfortunately I bought the small set of Intense pencils, now I wish I had bought the largest set with more colors.

The details on the hand are done with the pencils, much easier than fabric.

 I like the look of the skins tones on the back and arms.  It is less time consuming to color the material as opposed to hunting for the just right shade.  I'm glad I listened to my intense pencils and experimented with them this week.  
Next week, I hope to finish piecing the picture.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Painting on Canvas

Happy 4th of July! 
 This year we are having a very quiet, maybe inside, picnic due to the weather.
This week I had a very difficult time imagining the background and piecing it together with the white area around it.  I cut it off, something I usually do not do before I have finished quilting the piece, but it was something I had to do.  I still have enough room to crop it down after I have quilted to straighten it out.  I have to admit I did enjoy working on the piece with the muslin  cut off.  I was reminded of painting on canvas.  Now onto the figures!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Solving a Jigsaw Puzzle

Making the hydrangea bushes was like solving a jigsaw puzzle.  It took numerous tries to get the bushes the way I wanted them.  I would arrange the leaves and flowers one way and then I would take it apart and start all over again.  Finally, I began to think of each flower and leaf arrangement as a single plant and worked with that thought in mind as I built each bush.


I think I will need to add more highlights to the leaves.
A close-up of the beginning of the ornamental grasses in the garden

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Microsoft to the Rescue

I used Microsoft Word to enlarge my photo.  I divided it into four equal squares, print each one separately and then I tape them together.  This eliminated the need to use a commercial service to print it.

Then I traced the major shapes.

I love filling in details with Inktense pencils, but I know I can get carried away and add too much details with them.  Although, I know it is better to begin with the background, I have a tendency to begin with the foreground.  Thus making my life more difficult than it needs to be in the end.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Making Lemonade from a Lemon

It is good to quilt and blog again.  These last couple of weeks have been very crazy due to work and obligations here at home.

Think of one of your worst nightmares as a bride.  Try, the photographer has gone to the wrong hotel one half hour from the hotel where your wedding is to take place.   The before shots are missed because of this error. 

That is where Photoshop is the best friend you can have.  I used a picture a friend  at the wedding took and then lifted  the couple out of  the original photo.  I utilize elements from four other photos to create this one.  I choose not to recreate what should have been a shot from the venue, so as not to remind the bride what could have been.  She likes hydrangeas and they were the flower of choice as her centerpieces.  I will add the shadows when I make the quilt.  Now to make the pattern.