Friday, February 24, 2012


I  am a dreamer, and like a dreamer, I wait for that "Someday."   Someday, I hope to retire and quilt, quilt, quilt.  Someday, I hope to define my style of quilting.

 Well, that "Someday" has finally arrived for my first blog posting.

 I grew up always wanting to someday make a quilt.  Over the years, I have gone to the library read books on quilting, made my own templates, cut out squares, and triangles.  I have sewn a couple of squares together, then into a box they would go and wait for that someday.

 I took a beginners quilting course two years ago to learn the basics and I had a good instructor that really hammered in the basics of quilting.   I have made a couple of sampler quilts for a friend's baby and for future babies to practice what I learned.   I discovered that I do not have the patience for cutting out lots of squares and triangles and sewing them together to make designs; even though I have high regard for those quilters who do.

I am experimenting with different styles, fabrics, and techniques hoping to someday find my style.

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