Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Making of Jack - The Picture

While  dogsitting my son's dog, Jack,  he decided to take a nap on my settee in our living room.   He looked so royal and elegant in his pose that I decided to take his picture.  I posted the picture on Facebook and received some interesting responses.  The best one was from my son, “What the devil, you never let us sit on that piece of furniture.”  Well, that reaction inspired me to try my hand at art quilting.   I just had to make that picture into a wall hanging to give my son for Christmas.

First step: I threw the picture into Photoshop and manipulated it.  First I converted the picture to black and white, so I could better see the shapes and shades of gray.  .

Next, I posterized it to produce hard lines.    Here is a link to a free tutorial that uses a dog as its demonstration sample Adobe Archive Posterize Tutorial . 

I wanted to see less contrast so I slid the bar to 9.  I printed all 4 pictures so that I could see the shapes and colors from different perspectives.  I enlarged the last picture and printed it as an 11 X 14, so I could use it as my pattern.

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