Sunday, August 19, 2012

Olive, it's your turn

The first week back is always the hardest and most tiring.  We sit through meeting after meeting, thinking when do we get time to work in our classrooms.  How many weeks left of school?   Like everyone else, I will once again treasure my weekends and days quilt.

I have three projects sitting on the back burner that I am just itching to get started and I have my Christmas gifts to make.  Hopefully, Olive, will be my last dog portrait for awhile.

 As you can see, she like the other dogs,  is very cute and very much adored by her owner.  Olive is a rescue dog, that Cathy fell in love with at first sight.  I have pictured putting Olive on a geen background with a blue border.  Also I plan to add daisies  to the right side of Olive. I am thinking about having them start outside of the picture at the bottom of the border and spring up to cover part of her body, thus the reason for the blue border and green background.  Olive looks and is playful, I want to add just a little bit to her portrait, but not take away from it.  This week, I mainly played with Olive's photo.

  I put her photo in Photshop Elements 9 and changed it to grayscale.

Then, I cropped and applied the posterized filter to further define the edges.

Also, I decided to use the pencil tool with a white color to outline some of the shapes to further define the major shapes before tracing her.
Tomorrow, I will sort through my fabric stash looking for material to use.

Even on hot, humid days, there is beauty to be found.

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