Sunday, November 11, 2012

Deciding on Colors for the Grass and the Bushes

Last week, I was in Florida for a long weekend visiting my Uncle.  It was nice to get away from the gray skies and cool temperatures.  The sun felt warm on my skin and it was a welcoming sight.  The temperatures were perfect; the low 80's everyday we we there.  Coming home on Tuesday to temperatures in the low 40's was a cruel reality check.

This week, I had a difficult time choosing material for the grass.  I would cut out the different shades of green, iron it on, and tack the design on the wallhanging.  There it stayed for a short period while I stared and pondered. 

Option 1 seemed to conflict with the blue in the car.  My eyes stopped at the grass and the car.  They did not travel around the composition.
Option 2 seems to help your eye to travel around the composition.  My eye travels from the upper right room to the garage, the car, the grass, the neighbors door, the window, and up to the roof.
Option 3 was just all wrong.  I tried adding some of the shrubs to the picture, but it just didn't work for me.
In my mind, Option 2 was the winner hands down.  The shrubs, plants, and grass, work well together and compliment the townhouse. The plants and the tree took me a couple of nights to complete. I chose lighter material for the plants closest to the front and darker plants nearest to the house to give that feeling of depth. I will highlight the plants when I do the quilting. My next challenge.... choose a border for my wallhanging.  Choosing a border is one of my least favorite tasks, because I find it difficult to select just the right material to compliment all edges of the picture.
I have been to Alaska three times to visit my sister.  Not once, did I see Denali, "The Great One",  from the ground.  However, I did get to see it above the clouds from the plane.

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