Sunday, May 4, 2014

One of those weeks

Rain, rain go away, Johnny wants to play.  At least, it is not snow.  I called my Aunt who lives in Oklahoma to see if they got any of the rain and unfortunately, the answer was no.  The rain and tornadoes were to the east of where she lives.  We have a rain gauge outside, and it registered well over seven inches of rain  for Tuesday and Wednesday combined.

Why is it when you are pinched for time, nothing seems to go right?  I tried a different prepared fabric for printing and my printer did not like it at all.  Apparently, that brand needs a printer that rolls it's paper through and not a pinch and grab feeder.  Then I printed on the brand I usually use, trimmed them, ironed on wonder under and ironed them on the fabric.  Only to notice that I printed the wrong birthday on one picture.  After further examination, I noticed the color came through and changed the skin tones.  So I printed the pictures again, this time I ironed  them onto white fabric and then I ironed them onto the colored fabric.  Unfortunately, this is all I had the time this week to accomplish.

More pictures from Oklahoma:

I really like this picture of a stove with plants, my Uncle is very creative with his plants.

Scenery along route 40

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