Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finally Making Progress

The wedding is over and it was beautiful as all weddings are for each bride. The back of the dress was stunning,

This picture was taken when we were doing the final fitting and designing the bustle.  It is a shame you can't see the detail around the opening in the back of the dress.

The bride showed her appreciation by sending this beautiful bouquet of flowers to my house even though I told her this was a labor of love.

This week I was in full quilting mode.  After the border was chosen and attached, I was able to complete the quilting with round the clock sewing.

I found this border to be too overpowering.  I love a good seam ripper.

I think this border recedes to the background and allows the picture to come to the foreground.

At this point in my quilting, I find working with large areas the most difficult to quilt with a design that will lend itself to the rest of the quilt.

This week, I hope to complete the quilt and send it to my sister for her birthday.

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