Wednesday, January 6, 2016

When Thinking Interferes with Seeing

I remember my Aunt Jodi telling me not to let thinking interfere with seeing.  The last couple of days I seem to have forgotten that advice when it came to the skin tone of the baby.   I was thinking of the light pinks of a baby's skin, whereas in the picture that was not what I was seeing. nI wasted several pieces of material until it suddenly dawned on me tonight........see, don't think.  

The material is the color I would think of a baby's skin in the sun, but looking at the picture, I wasn't seeing what was there.  Also, the green for the pool was all wrong and the shadow from the pool was off.

After "seeing and not thinking"; I changed the pool color, the shadow and the skin color.  I think the shadow cast by the baby is too dark, but I am not sure.  I will finish the baby first then decide.

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