Sunday, May 20, 2012

Molly and Maggie

Very little work was done on Lucy this past week.  So, I would like to share the wallhanging I made last fall of my mother's dogs, Molly and Maggie.  Finding different shades of black was  very difficult.  The stores I visited did not carry many black on black or dark gray on black.  They carried black but with colorful prints on them.  Mom wanted a simple portrait of her dogs sitting on her back porch.

For the portrait, I ended up using a picture of Molly sitting on the couch,

and Maggie on the porch.

Hopefully, this week, I will get some work done on Lucy.  I am in the last weeks of teaching before the summer break and there is a lot of paper work that needs to be completed at night.  I also decided to change the tab at the top of the page to a more suitable name,  Dog Portraits Quilt Gallery.  Someday, I hope to do some art quilts, maybe this summer.

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