Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grandma and Me is Finished

Got back last night from a two day trip to NYC to buy material for my daughter's wedding dress.  Before we went up I lectured my daughter that we were not going to buy material from the first store nor that day.  I really wanted her to sleep on it and buy it the next day.  I had done my research and with list in after checking into the hotel; we were off to the garment district.   Our first stop was Rosen and Chadick.  We were not disappointed, the fabric selection was great and the personal service was outstanding.  We saw some fabric we liked and had them put it on hold.  We went down the list and scoured samples and bolts for over three hours at other stores finding material we liked.  But....nothing compared to what we saw in the first store.  Yes, we bought material from the first store and we bought it on Friday.  Now, I can't wait to have the bundle delivered this week.  The dress will have three layers and two different colors.

Thinking about Van Gough and how he painted the sky in his painting, "The Starry Night"; I tried to add interest to the sky with swirls.  Looking at the sky, I now wish I had stitched the lines closer together.

I decided the shadows did need to be darker, so I went over them with black thread.  For the road, I stitched simple straight lines to try and draw your eye to the back of the piece.
Finally, finished, after weeks of working on it.  This is my first real composition involving figures and landscape.   Also, I took some liberties and didn't totally duplicate the photo I was using.  Looking critically at the piece, the quilting in the sky is a little off.  By that I mean, the puffiness between the stitches looks a little more pronounced in some areas of the quilt than in others.  Time and practice will correct this problem.
If you remember, the Ignalls lived in a little house on the prairie in MO.
This is a replica of the cabin on the original site.
 This is the original well Pa dug with Mr. Edwards.

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