Sunday, June 10, 2012

Miss Lucy, quite the princess

This week, I took my sewing machine to Tomorrow's Treasures Quilt Shop to have it serviced.  While I was there, I bought some material to make the cushion Lucy was resting on.  I wanted something bright that would contrast with the colors in Lucy and the background. 

 After piecing together the cushion, I hung her on my design board .  She looked like quite the little pampered princess sitting on her cushion.  I  stared at her for the remainder of this week as I finally made my mother's promised tote bag with pockets for Mother's Day.  Lucy's face bothered me.  I just didn't like the sharp contrasts, so I added a little more light gray, readjusted the mouth, and replaced the black speckled material with light gray. 

Her face still doesn't sit right with me, I will have to study it more this week and make further adjustments.

The students' last day was Friday, yeah!  My last day is tomorrow!!!!

Digging through my picture files, I found this picture of the lighthouse in Cape May, New Jersey taken at dusk last December.

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