Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lucy is Pieced Together

I was able to get Lucy's face pieced together this week. It took a while to do, but for the most part it is done. Her face may have a little too much bright white in it for my liking. This week I will have to do some reconsidering of the shading in her face. Her head appears as if it is floating in air, I still need to do the handkerchief that was tied under her neck. Also, I need to do the cushion she was laying on. I am having a difficult time picturing the cushion in my mind. The black shading under her front paws will be switched out to a dark color that will compliment the pillow, as well as the black shading between her back leg.

I had Amanda, her owner and my daughter-in-law, take a good look at her and we readjusted the color under her eyes. The original shades I had chosen were a little too dark.

This week I plan take my machine in for its yearly cleaning at a quilt shop in Crofton, MD called Tomorrow's Treasures Quilt Shop. While at the quilt shop, I hope to buy material for the cushion. I am not real sure what I want, but I will know, when I see it.

One week of school left with the kids! Yeah!
I think the teachers get more excited than the students.

I had to share this beautiful picture of a peonie in my mother's garden.  The rich colors in the sunlight were very pretty.

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