Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Townhouse is Finished


Out of curisoity, I bought a twelve pound Hubbard Squash from a nearby farm stand.  What do you do with it?

Drop it on the ground to split it open; the skin is too thick to slice a knife through it.  Then you rub it with cooking oil and roast it.  Tonight we will feast on two different types of squash soup, salad and bread while watching a movie outside by the fire.
This week I found time in my busy schedule to finish the wallhanging.  I love teaching, but it does require much of my spare time preparing for the next day.  As always I taped the backing to the floor, layered the quilt pieces and basted them together. 
I continued to step outside of the box by not doing my usual stippling stitch on the whole quilt.  On the tree trunk, I did do the stippling stitch for the lack of anything better to do.   I did a square stich on the bricks, circles on the bushes, an oval looking stitch on the leaves plus a circle and straight line-corner stitch on the border.  I choose a darker shade of blue for the binding to softly set off the border.  Looking at it with a critical eye, the tree dominates the piece more than I had intended.
Thinking back to my first quilt, Jack, my composition has become more interseting.  With Jack, I only concentrated on the dog and paid little attention to the background.  Also, I did only one quilting stitch throughout the whole wallhanging.  Luckily, Jack has quite a presence of his own, so the wallhanging has some character.
A pretty sunset at Fenwick Island, Delaware.

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