Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Sweater Dilemma

What is that great big yellow object in the sky?  February was such a gray and dreary month.  I feel like breaking out the shorts and lying on the ground to soak up the sunshine.

I thought I would try to duplicate the colors of the sweaters in the original photo......but, it just doesn't look right, too washed out against the colors in the road.  I decided to use four different materials for the blue jeans.  Dark for one leg and light for the other leg....shading and highlights. 

The pink is a much better contrast and it's not overpowering.   The material on the far left side I bought about a year ago at a quilt show.  I like the vine look and it will help with the pumpkin patch effect.

 Putting in the pumpkins has helped to give the illusion of  them walking into the distance.  The purse in the original photo was brown, but I think you will agree, black is a better contrast against the ground color.  There are so many shades of brown and gold in the ground material; a brown purse would have gotten lost.  Mom's sweater had to be the ecru, because that is her trademark sweater she wears on cool fall days. She bought that sweater in Ireland some years back.

The pumpkins were definitely lacking something.  I think the leaves help to "ground" the pumpkins in the picture.  The pumpkin patch needs more, but I am not sure where to go with it.  On the design board it goes while I ponder....what next?

As we journeyed on the Laura Ingalls Wilder trail, Highway 14, our next stop was Walnut Grove.

If you read On the Banks of Plum Creek, then you will recall the big rock by the creek.  Here it is!  We took off our shoes to wade in the creek and to stand on the rock.

This picture was taken standing near the site of the dugout looking through the plum thickets at table top.

  Here is  what is left of the dugout home where the Ingalls family lived in.

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