Thursday, February 23, 2017

Final week of drops: Sketching and Journaling with Facebook

Next week, I go for my final cataract surgery follow-up: one more weeks of drops twice a day; new eye glasses prescription; and hopefully the green light to exercise again.  My friend had cataract surgery done with a laser and her healing process has been very different and fast.  Remember it's important to know those options.  I am happy with my doctor and results, in turn no complaints.

I have been surfing the Internet looking for sketch book and journaling app and right under my nose has been the answer.  While out walking in this beautiful weather, I was taking pictures and sending them to my friends who are working; Retirement is great!  Right there in front of my eyes, the editing tools on Facebook, did the trick.  One can edit, doodle, add text, make albums, nothing sophisticated, but it works.  I think you can only doodle on a picture that you take while on Facebook.  Pictures you upload to Facebook can be cropped, color filter,  and text added.  Now I just need to create a Facebook group or page just dedicated to my journaling for my art quilting.

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